Pentium D 940 & GA-P35-DS3R @ 4GHz+

Hi All, was looking for some advice on my current O/C.

Current Specs:

Intel Pentium D 940 3.2Ghz (O/Ced @ 4.0Ghz)
(Rated FSB - 1000Mhz, Bus Speed - 250Mhz, Multiplier 16x)
ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 512MB
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R Mobo
Basic 350W Power Supply :(
System is standard air cooled, CPU has standard retail fan.
CPU Idleing temp is around 25 degrees, full load is around 35 degrees celcius.

My main concern is has anyone pushed it past 4Ghz on air? and has anyone any suggestions to tweak the rest of my hardware - RAM - GPU..etc.

All advice appreciated.
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  1. Ok I have further pushed the CPU to 4.3Ghz, it seems slightly stable even though when PC boots into Vista64 some programs fail and stop responding - no major ones as of yet.

    Anyone have any suggestions on why this happens?

    Idle Temp = 30 degrees, under load 40-48 degrees

  2. Could be VCore needs a bit of a boost still, or try lowering your overall memory speed.
    I do like the Idea of a pent D, lol! All these quad this, core that, pentium D! Okay, okay... I just like high speeds! 4.3 is nice, just watch yer temps! I've noticed that to a certain degree, hehe, my processors like voltage, and will not show a heat increase, but the next step up, and poof, get like 5 c hotter all at once, lower it back down one setting, and its normal, hehe.
    I really wanna see how fast you can get that thing! Good Luck!

  3. Oopsie, you also didnt mention voltages to other things, like the board chipset, blahblah... and holy shiznit, nice PSU, lol!

  4. More vcore? Unstable ram settings? To find out, run Prime95 blend test for 8hours then small FFT for 6hours.
  5. Quote:
    A cheap C2D will blow that system away at 5ghz, why keep pushing it?

    Cause it's free to do? :sarcastic:
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