File association error, and external disk reading

ok, i don't know when these happened, but my c drive had a ntfs error. i fixed it, and than had to do a system restore, and many of the problems were fixed. but what im realizing right now, is that my file associations are screwed up.

lets take .torrent as the best example.

it was associated with acdsee for some reason.
whenever uturrent starts it tells me it isnt the main thing, i thought that was just an error but i know why now.
i tried to change it manually but it wouldn't let me.
so i deleeted the file type in hopes that would help... it didn't.

ill go into more detail with pictures if necessary.

and the next one is a external anything wont work, aside from the g:\ drive, which probably only works because it was plugged in and on when the ntfs error was found and corrected and through all the other processes i went through.

my camra wont work
my 2nd exturnal hdd wont work
my thumb drives wont work
and my sd cards wont work

i know they work and that info is on them, but the computer sees them and tells me they need to be formated.
i considered that something went wrong with the drives, but that was before i found out that every exturnal aside from g:\ dosent work and appearers to have the same problem.

i have considered doing a repare install, but because i don't want to risk losing any information, that is imposable for me.

its also possable to have something to do with installing my sti 5770 over my gforce, but the errors i believe happened even before than.
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  1. I don't want to recommend a wipe and reload just yet... though that may be your final answer.

    Try running a system file check. This will replace missing for corrupt windows file, which is a distinct possiblity considering your ntfs error. You will need your Windows Installation CD.

    At the Run prompt, type SFC /scannow
  2. what will this do, exactly.
  3. Hi alidan,

    This is a Microsoft Utility which will comb thru your Windows System Files looking for Windows files that have been damaged or are missing. It only replaces those that are damaged or missing, so it is non-destructive and safe to try.

    Most of what you listed as not working are USB devices, so you can also try deleting all of the entries under the Universal Serial Bus Connectors section of the Device Manager and then restart your computer. This will force Windows to redetect your USB ports and load the drivers for them.

    Both these measures will not hurt your data. It would seem that you either experienced a hard drive corruption which has in turn damaged Windows files that were stored on it, or perhaps experienced an event like a power surge which damaged your file system and other computer devices. We will have to work thru the troubleshooting process to see.
  4. ok, here is the last concern that i have.

    before i start the scf /scannow i have windows xp sp2 but sp 3 is installed.

    just so i know, what if its a file that was in sp3 and not on my windows disc?
  5. Here is what is supposed to happen during this process:

    In the situation that you pose, using an XP SP2 disc to run system file checker on an operating system that has had SP3 installed, system file checker will use your SP2 disc to replace damaged for missing files belonging to the SP2 disc. If it encounters a file from SP3 that needs replacing, it will search your SP2 disc and not finding the file, it will ask you to insert to SP3 CD.

    At this point (request for the SP3 CD) you can either insert the SP3 disc, or you can choose to skip this file and continue the checking process. At least you now know that you have corrupted files and it may also repair some and help your situation. You can then borrow a CD with SP3 or make a slipstreamed CD using these instructions at

    In any event, running the SFC won't hurt.
  6. is this something i should run at night when im sleeping, or is it something i should be at the computer to watch?

    and sorry for these questions, its just when windows is making errors and i have to do something i never did before, i get a bit edgy.
  7. No worries, it is best to make informed actions.

    It is a process that will run through on its own if their are no files to replace. When it finds the first problem it will present a user prompt to insert the disc. It should then continue on its own, unless it looks for the SP3 disc as well at some point. You can start it and go to bed and check for prompts in the morning... it will wait patiently for you to wake! <grin>
  8. one of my hard drive failed last night, before i do anything to fix windows, i need to replace that drive. ill come back here and do that the moment i believe that my data is safe and mirrored
  9. Ok. We'll be here.
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