drive from Athlon moved to P4 => XP startup problem

Hope someone can help me. I moved my HDD from my old Athlon setup to a new P4. WinXP attempts to start but gives me the blue screen, indicating faulty drivers. I know it's vague, I'll have to get the error codes.

But what I want to know is if this is is okay to do in the first place. Can I go from Athlon to P4 using the same drive data?

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  1. You will have to repair XP or do a fresh install. You can't move the OS from one system to a totally different system and expect it to work.
  2. Simply put, your motherboard drivers are totaly wrong. You are going to have to do an in-place repair of windows in order for you to be able to access your data and OS. What you will have to do is boot your new computer off of the windows XP CD, and go through the install process carefully. When you get the first question asking you if you want to repair XP click on no. It will ask you a 2nd time a step or two later. (It's been years since I have had to do an inplance re-install, but I do know it's the 2nd time you are asked to repair windows that you select yes) Select the Repair XP installation at that point and that will do what is called an in-place re-installation of windows. It will force windows to re-detect all the hardware and install the new drivers. Just make sure you NEVER select to format the drive in any way, or delete a partition.

    Hope that helps you out.
  3. Yes, the motherboard drivers are incorrect, and you need to "repair" your XP installation. I'm sure the interweb has detailed info on somewhere.
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