Radeon 3850/3870 UK pricing

Just looked at www.scan.co.uk

(prices in pounds, sorry no pound sign on my keyboard - dont ask)

(cheapest model listed)

radeon 3850=112.05 256mb

3870=153.57 512mb

nVidia 8800gt=176.11 512mb

Needless to say all models listed are out of stock both ati and nvidia.
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  1. It's not real pricing unless it's in stock. What's the best price you can get for them in stock?

    BTW - Hold down Alt and type 0163 to get a £ sign in Windows.
  2. Hey it works! £ £ £ £

    Cheers, Im writing with a european keyboard. All bloody euros and dollars, but no £s

    Well you can pay the price and get it when their back in stock, whatever you choose, scan are pretty good.

    As far as in stock pricing goes, I havent looked yet :(
  3. spoonboy, have you checked out ebuyers prices?


    To be fair they're about the same. But they do have a lead time on stock, so if you're interested order now, they have already taken down their GF8800GT pages; looks like they aren't going to get anymore this side of christmas.
  4. no i didnt! curse you VAT! prices alway look so nice until you add the 17.5% and postage :P

    Cheers though,

    p.s. 8800gt is in stock there to. They got like 50 of them.
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