VGA to DVI Convertor- Do I lose quality?

I recently bought an Acer AW2016 20 inch monitor. I bought it because my friend has one and it looked awesome for games. The thing is for some reason even though the same model number as my friends his has a port for DVI and VGA while mine on the other hand only came with VGA and I had to use an adaptor for DVI.. My question is this do I lose any quality in using this VGA to DVI adaptor (is it DVI quality now with the adaptor?) and is it really worth it to try send the monitor back and try get the same model with the DVI? My graphics card is an Nvida 8800 GT if that helps to answer the question. Thank you.
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  1. I don't think you would lose too much quality if any.
  2. none at all
  3. Are you guys are sure of this?

    The VGA analog port of an LCD monitor usually don't offer the same sharp image as the digital DVI one as far as I know. You can clearly see that when comparing the same image and toggling between the two inputs on a monitor supporting multi input.

    My advice is to get a monitor with a DVI port, and a good DVI cable.
  4. DVI-to-HDMI looks muy excellente on both, my 37"LCD and 42" plasma. :)
  5. There are different types of DVI connections, DVI-D (digitial only), DVI-A (analog only), and DVI-I (digital and analog in the same connector). If you are able to connect your graphics card to the monitor with a small adaptor (DVI to VGA) then you are using the analog signals. If the monitor has a DVI connector but does not support digital you are using analog. If the monitor you have is the Value Line series from Acer the site says to check with the distriutor of availability of the DVI connection. (makes be believe the monitor is analog)

    A VGA to DVI adaptor does not convert a signal to digital. A DVI-D graphics card with a DVI to VGA adaptor will result in the monitor displaying a "No signal detected" message because the card is sending digital only and the monitor only understands analog. Also, any time a signal is converted from digital to analog or from analog to digital there is some lose in signal quality.

    Bottom line is a DVI connector does not ensure a digital signal. You need to look at the graphics card and the monitor capabilities.

    HDMI is always digital and the connector includes audio.
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