NEWEGG HAS THEM! $180 for 3850 & $220 for 3870

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  1. I need to get my hands on that new "3987". =P

    Seriously though, really tempting choosing between the 8800GT and the 3870 now.
  2. Umm whats a 3987? never heard of that card.
  3. I think he was BSing on the 3987.

    But in all honesty this morning when the reviews came out i was disappointed to say the least. I thought the 3870 was going to shine but it let me down. The 3850 is RIGHT where I thought it would be and Exactly where it should be. GOOD ONE ATI.. The 3870 does not shine like the 8800gt it s basically a shrine of the 2900XT that consumes less power and a few extra trimmings but clocked higher.

    BUT on a GREAT note. they priced it under the 8800GT, they are available NOW and really a good buy for $220. I am still going to wait it out until after Xmas now, but I feel much better now we know the pricing. I still wish ATI had a good highend card. I hope they have a better trick than dual GPU's on one board.

    Another positive note though. I think buyers will go for the 3800's as a good gaming card at a good price. If you can't battle them with performance, battle them with price. And that is exactly what these are going to do. I hope it gets Nvidia to lower its prices and in return ATI may have to do the same. As long as these 2 companies keep at it, WE WIN!
  4. I was just joshing with the 3987 -- because jay2tall typo'ed in the title. I knew what he meant though. ;)
  5. Freakin A! I didnt even realize it I was to excited to see it.

    BUT GEEEEZZZEES!!! they are ALL sold out at Newegg exept 2 of the 3850 cards. Competition???? NICE!!!!!
  6. Quote:
    I think because of nvidia shortages on the 8600GT, there going to sell a lot of these at these prices. From experience with newegg the prices usually start out high, so this may indicate they will drop a bit in the next couple weeks. Lets hope AMD can provide large quantity.

    I think you meant "...shortages on the 8800 GT". The great price/performance on the 3850 and 3870 make the 8600 series entirely irrelivent. Unless nV starts offer 8600 GTs for $100...

    It's great to finally see these cards and the 8800 GT after nearly a year of a non-existant midrange. Building a system now for my sister and b-in-law and will probably pick up a 3870 (or maybe two for X-fire).
  7. Sapphire 3870 in stock at new egg this very moment for $219. I just ordered mine! Upgrading from a 7800gt that is struggling with native resolution of my monitor (1280by1024). By the way, I was signed up for auto notify but never received my message for this card. I just so happened to check back "just to make sure". [...] 6814102713

    Yes, I am spreading the news to help my fellow gaming community out. You may see me post this in a couple of different threads.
  8. Quote:
    Yes Harmatten, I meant 8800GT.
    Cappster, how can your 7800GT struggle with 1280x1024? My 7600GT doesnt struggle with that.

    It depends on what games I want to play. BF2142 plays fine maxed out and so does madden. The problem I have is with AOE 3, need for speed pro street, stranglehold, overlord with a lot of minions spawned and cod 4. I like to play games with all the candy turned on and I can't do that with all games and get acceptable (to me) FPS. I don't like when the games slow down under heavy action. I have been waiting for a price/performance ratio that I found acceptable and I believe this is it. I also like the fact that CF doesn't "require" the same card to run multi GPU graphics. To top it all off, my B-day is in a few weeks and this is my b-day gift from my girlfriend. :sol:
  9. it gets released and you can buyy them what's so sstrange?
  10. aadamszc said:
    I need to get my hands on that new "3987". =P

    Pair that up with an C2D 6652.3 and you've got something.

    The 3987 isn't the best performer but it's priced right. :whistle:
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