Punkbuster Quad Core Issues!

Alright i have pretty much confirmed this, on my newest system which has a Q6600 every punk buster game (cod, cod2, cod4, bf2, AA, ET:QW) they have occasional half second stutters. Whenever i play these games either single player or without punk buster enabled the stutters are gone. On all my other pcs this does not happen. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and how to fix it. I cant set the affinity of punkbuster itself.
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  1. how are u so sure it's the cpu?
  2. Punkbuster, oh the troubles I have seen. Are you using Vista or XP?

    I could tell a real long story of my problems with punkbuster but here is the short version starting with the ending.

    Conclusion, Punkbuster on my system runs fine under XP which is the only reason I'm running dual boot.

    Punkbuster under Vista is a nightmare. Launch a game Lan or single player no problem. Launch the same game and play online. Punkbuster starts up 1 or 2 additional processes in addition to the one which is always in the background. It begins it's aggressive disc scanning. Available physical ram takes a progressive nosedive. After all the physical ram is gone the computer starts paging more and more resulting in game lag until the video driver crashes. The only common variable in this has been Punkbuster.
  3. I know that if your playing a multiplayer with punkbuster under vista, you need to run the game as admin in order for punkbuster to work correctly.

    Punkbuster is meant to auto-update but sometimes it does not. This is an easy method of keeping punkbister updated for all the games using it.

  4. The OP's problem sounds maybe similar to my experience but we don't even know yet if he is using Vista. I just wouldn't have him be so sure that it is a quad core issue.

    re. run as admin, believe me, I tried all the obvious to stuff and way beyond obvious. My own issue is resolved by dual booting.
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