Fraps insane lag.


I seem to have a problem while running Fraps.

When not recording, I get an average and consistent FPS of 250... but when I press record, drops to a max of 12fps, but stays around 5fps.

I have read other posts about using a separate hard drive, but I am already doing that. I have a 60GB OCZ Vertex 3 as my primary drive, running Windows 8, and a 1TB Western Digital Cavier Black as my data (and Fraps) drive.

What could be wrong? Is there any way to tweak the settings in either Fraps or Windows to get a decent (or at least playable) FPS rate?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. FPS of 250 is rather high so you must be using a high end rig however, when recording, the recorder can only record at about 25 to 30 frames per second. It uses a lot of cpu power so try it on a cold PC rather than after playing for several hours.
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