pcie 2.0 work on pcie clasic board?

i want to buy a 3870 but it is pcie 2.0 and i have a pcie mobo.

i'm wondering if will work on my mobo and if it does is there much of a performance difference between the 2?
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  1. Yes. It will run without bottlenecking performance at all for you. PCIe 2.0 is for the future - to support graphics cards that have more bandwidth than the ones we currently have on the market.
  2. thats really great news for me
  3. Though... I don't know if I'd run it on a PCIe x8 board. PCIe x16 is ideal.
  4. Feeling bad for not telling you this in the first place now that you've gone offline and are probably buying the card :). PCIe x8 may bottleneck a bit, not to worry though; the picture quality and performance will still be good if this is your case.
  5. lol nah i have pcie x16 and i need to save up money for it yet :(

    i said pcie classic rather than pcie 1 to try avoid confusion. seems i've done quite the opposite
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