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Looking for a water plugin - 3DS MAX

November 4, 2012 9:19:36 AM

Hey all

So im currently working on a project that will require me to create a particle system to create an ocean/body of water which is collidable with other objects and would react as if water would.

What I intend to do is have a giant rock rise out of the sea (Similar to the Iron Islands during the introduction of Game of Thrones). And Im looking for a way to create a particle system that would collide and react accordingly with the rock.Can anyone suggest/hint me in the right direction?

Ive heard of a plugin called RealFlow which pretty much does it for you, however stand-alone its $5000 a year and as a student theres no way in hell I can afford that. also, seeing as its a plugin for an underused program, Pirating it isnt an option.Thanks for your helpĀ 

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