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Say just asking--i know this is old stuff--but i got a 2500 barton--and bought a new epox 8rda3+pro mobo--just got everything dirt cheap and thought i would play around with it. Problem is--i cant get this thing to over clock worth ****. can only get 11x200 at 2.00 volts and then only run for a while--the barton chip checks out and the mother board does too. also--cant chang the clock speed in the bios--i can set it to higher --but it wont register above the default of 11---this same chip will change on other boards--epox says there is nothing wrong either. just an old question to who may have an answer--i have over clocked many times--but this has me stumped on what the prob is.
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  1. Dunno man... old hardware :) I have an old 3200+ that I was able to run @ 11x220 but it doesn't amount to much really since the chip is just aged by today's standards.
  2. How are you cooling? I have a 3200+ barton and they run pretty hot. I remember hearing that you could run a 2500+ at 3200+ speeds (2.2GHz I think) so your 11x200 sounds about right.
    Do some googling.. stuff like


  3. have a thermalright with 80mm--my temps only get --idol 33-36--and gaming up too 48c---but having to run it at 2.oo volts is like crazy--i did,nt think i would need any more than 1.85 max--but wont even come close. just bugs me--oh well--its old tech--but just thought i would mess with it.
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