Should I bother with this proposed upgrade?

After having 2 failed attempts at upgrading my graphics card with an x1950pro (both bought on eBay btw and where listed as "working perfectly, but I've upgraded to PCI-E so grab a bargin!") I'm putting forward this idea.

Upgrade my current ram from 1 to 2 Gigs of DDR400.
And upgrade my 256mb X800XL to a 256mb 7800gs (eVGA or XFX overclocked version).

Heres my current set-up:
Gigabyte K8NS Pro mobo (skt 754)
Kingmax Ram 1gig (2X512)
256mb X800XL
A64 3200+ CPU
Seagate 120GB HDD
600W Thermaltake Toughpower PSU

Would this be worth the dosh/effort to do so and will I see enough of an increase (fps-wise)to keep me going for the next 6 months or so. Bearing in mind I would love to have a crack at Crysis, Haze, Stalker-Clear Sky, etc.

Cheers all :D
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  1. Personally I think if you are planning on doing some upgrading in 6 months you are better of saving your money and going for the big time in 6 months. DDR RAM, AGP video cards and socket 939 CPU's cost so much that to replace them you will nearly spend enough money to get something modern.
  2. If you can't wait I'd suggest considering an ATI card like this HD2600XT for $112:

    I'm not completely sure about AGP but in PCI trim the 2600xt is about equal to the 7800gt which is better than the 7800gs. I'll be double checking all this in a minute but I'm pretty sure that this is good info.
  3. Well I checked and the 2600 does great at 3dMark but not so hot at actual games. Still it might be worth a look. Unfortunately the 7800gs is not in Tom's charts so it is hard to compare.
  4. Seems like a driver update improved the ATI cards quite a bit as well. Sorry I can't find better info for you.
  5. lakedude said:
    Seems like a driver update improved the ATI cards quite a bit as well. Sorry I can't find better info for you.

    Thanks for the info lakedude, I think I'll see if I can find some extra RAM for the time being and worry about a new card prolly next month when my paycheck is a little fatter. ;)
    Cheers mate
  6. The 2600XT, in a review by cleeve for THG recently, got a combined total fps score of like 997 fps, putting it right below the 7800GT.

    Without AA, it'll feel like a bit of a higher card, with AA (on challenging titles, like FEAR or Oblivion or Crysis) it'll feel like a bit lower card.

    Still, I recommend setting aside a set amount of money each month and planning out your budget very carefully for a new rig, as I think you'll be more satisfied.
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