Opteron 165 @2.8ghz or E2160 @3ghz?

I currently am running an Opteron 165 939 @ 2.8ghz on 2gb of DDR400. Would upgrading to an OC E2160 @~3ghz and 2gb of DDR2-800 be worth it? It looks like selling my old stuff on ebay and buying the new would put me at about even (due to DDR getting more expensive as time marches on, ditto on the 939 components.) I am getting roughly 30fps on medium settings @1024x768 on Crysis with a 7900GT from xfx at stock speeds. Would it be a better investment to get a different video card (i.e. 8800GT or GTS?) Thanks!
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  1. Yeah, the E2160 @ 3GHz would be a bit faster, even at 2.8GHz it should be about 10% faster.

    For Crysis though (and most other games), a GPU upgrade would definitely be more beneficial. The 8800GT is by far the best choice GPU atm, though AMD is coming out with the HD 3870 that will hopefully give it good competition. We'll find out in a week I guess. ;)
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