P5K SE IDE Trouble

Okay, I'm probably going to feel like an idiot when someone answers this question, but I'm stumped.

Recently purchased Intel core 2 Duo, 4 Gb of RAM and a P5K SE mobo. It was all test assembled and checked out at the place I purchased it and it boots fine.

Unfortunately I'm having a lot of trouble with the IDE and none of my Hard Drives are, apparently, being detected.

Because of the single IDE channel I used a PCI card with 2 IDE slots to open that up.

The BIOS is, as far as I can tell, looking for SATA devices, of which I have none. It kicks me back to a reboot or insert boot disk screen instead of finding the other devices. Is there something in the BIOS that I need to do to make it stop looking for SATA?

Could it possibly be that extra PCI card that is confusing the IDE channels?

Any help would be appreciated, this is completely stumping me.
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  1. Update: I pulled the PCI card and now it's detecting the devices on IDE channel 1. Windows still isn't booting, probably because of the video card switch, but that's a different problem.

    Is there anyway for me to get the PCI card and onboard IDE grooving together? I'm lost in the BIOS and the operating manual is about as helpful as you'd expect from a manufacturer.
  2. SierraHotel.

    Let me jump in the same boat with you. I haven't been able to get my IDE DVD burner to work either. I haven't found anything out there on why it won't be seen. The manual, like you said, just says to plug it in and voila... Did you pull out the PCI, or PCI Express card? Also, have you tried to call ASUS? I haven't yet but plan to.
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