ipadd not detecting & trying for file sharing between desktop & laptop


What i want: just to do a file sharing between Desktop & laptop, not looking for sharing internet, ONLY FILE SHARING (VISE VERSA)

What I have

A good Desktop & a new HP Business Laptop with Busi Vista
Lan ports available on both
Cross cable and straitght cable available.
Active internet connection available for the desktop

What i have done

1. Tried through straight cables, no lights blinking
2. Through Cross cable no lights blinking
3. Shared the drives in both of them - not detecting
4. Set the workgroup same - not detecting
5. set the ip address as to desktop and 1.100 to lap - not detecting
6. WORST ISSUE: "Media disconnected" msg in DOS in both machine
7. Connected internet connection on both (individually) - ipaddress displayed as it is set.
8. Changed the cables also (only straight, dont have spare cross cable but its a new one)
9. Both are for my personal use so no passwords set and i dont want to set it.

Please help me...
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  1. Do you have a switch you can put in between them to see if they connect to the switch - which would also give them a connection between them?
    Your router may have a built in switch that you can use. This would give them both internet access if its on the router as well.

    IP address, subnet and gateway should all be static set.

    If you do an ipconfig and it says media disconnected, then you're having a cable issue.

    Make sure your network connections are not bridged either.
  2. Hi Riser,

    Thanks for the immediate response.

    I'm not clear without your question as "
    IP address, subnet and gateway should all be static set. "

    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Default gateway :blank

    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Default gateway :blank

    So tell me do i need to enter some value for default gateway, and the given address is static?

    How do i know whether the network connections is bridged or not?

    i dont have a router nor switch, whats the next option?

    Please help me and ur patience is appreciated.
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