Looking for advice on PCI-E x 1 SATA RAID Controller Board

Hi all,

I am going to rebuid my Windows on Raid, I am not yet confirm if I should use RAID 0+1 or just RAID 5; seems Raid 0+1 would be my target config. I am looking for a good performance Raid Controller card with PCI-E x1 interface as some of my onboard SATA ports for RAID 0+1 is jammed by my 4870 CF that would looks bad wiring in my system, and also if I use onboard RAID control I need to do it over when I changed a new mobo with different chipset (like ICH10R instead of ICH9R.

Is there any good suggestion for SATA Raid Controller with PCI-E x 1 interface?

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  1. Addonics or SIIG may make a card like this but they most likely will not be processor based. You may be better off just getting an adapter and using a good controller from Adaptec, 3ware or Intel/LSI.


    The adapters make the card exactly 3 motherboard standoffs higher so where you mount the card just screw in 3 standoffs first then attach the card.

    250 MB a sec (each direction) shoud be OK for data transfer.
  2. http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA/rr2300.htm

    In case you didnt like the adapter idea.
  3. The other problem here is he is looking to do RAID 5 or 0+1 which would require 3 to 4 ports to start.
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