asus p5b deluxe onboard audio driver issue

i am trying to install audio drivers for my onboard audio and i keep getting this error:

i am using the cd i got with my mobo. in the past, the same drivers have worked, but since i reformatted my hdd and installed a fresh copy for xp pro few days ago, i can't get the onboard audio to work. any ideas?
i even tried installing updated drivers from asus website but had the same error pop up.
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  1. Hi kamran5461,
    Yes, these are the Micro$oft high-definition audio drivers. Typically this comes up in the middle of the sound driver install - the rig tries to d/l these from M$oft during the course of the install.
    If you tell it 'no' when it asks permission, or if you have firewall or no internet connection, it's not good.
    These drivers have to come in over the 'net (they are not on install disks).
    I have never been able to find them through searching the M$oft downloads (manually) so it's difficult...
    Clean out your sound drivers and try again, while properly connected to the WWW.
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