System Upgrade advice required.

Hi Folks

Need some advice. I am thinking of upgrading my PC to the following, by the time I finalize and gets funds ready I think it will be atlease a month from now:

1. CPU - Intel Q6600 (I have heard about Q9600, but dont know when its coming and how much it will cost. Cant keep waiting forever)
2. MotherBoard - 3 choices - MSI P35 platinum / GigaByte P35 DSQ6 / ASUS P35K E
3. RAM - Crosair TWIN2X2048-6400 (2GB kit)
4. Power Supply - 3 choices - Corsair HX620 / Corsair TX650 / Antec True Power Trio TP3 650 (The cheapest of the 3)
5. Graphics - Leadtek 8800 GT
6. Cooling Solution - Corsair Nautilus 500 - my first venture into water cooling
7. HDD - WD Raptor 75G + Seagate 500GB
8. Monitor - 22" Dell UltraSharpTM 2208WFP

EDIT: 9. Case - Antec P900 or Antec P182

I am not a keen overclocker, but if something is available by default which does not require a lot of tinkering around wont mind trying it. I need your help in deciding on a motherboard, while I understand performance wise all 3 are at par.. what about build quality.. The reson for asking is that i currently have a Intel board and its just 2 years and all the connectors at the back have rusted very badly.. so much so that one of the USB connectors is rendered useless. I dont want a repeat of that.

Any advice on the same or general comments on the config would be very appreciated
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  1. 2_Thats P35 DQ6, not P35 DSQ6 and also thats ASUS P5K-E no P35K E, :)
    i say get ASUS P5K-E

    4_Corsair 620

    6_Dont go with watercooling, get a nice CPU cooler like
  2. thanks, but the reason i thought about water cooling was because the ambient temperature in my room is about 30 Deg C during the day.. I currently have a Zalmann 7700Cu and still the CPU temp reaches 70 when playing some games.. this causes by temp monitoring program Intel IDU to go beserk with a million popups etc..
  3. Those coolers are fine and will be cool, dont worry about that, dont go with watercooling especially when u wont OC (even if u wanted to OC, those coolers are fine)
  4. Thanks Maziar I shall take your word for it.. finally some more $$ to spend
  5. glad i could help u mate :)
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