Main hdd disk 1 backup disk 0?

I have 2 seagate 500gig 7200.11 drives in raid 0. i currently just installed windows on to it and made a small 25 gig partition for the os and thats all i have. i then remembered i had an old 7200.10 320gig drive that i wanted to use for my pagefile music. now the raid setup was configured as disk0 but after i plugged in my old drive it became disk1. because of this my os is on disk 1 and not 0 which kinda bugs me. i changed the boot order in my bios but that doesnt change the fact that the other hdd is 0 and not 1. if i unplug the secondary drive the raid setup goes back to 0. i can not simpily switch cables or ports as they are driffernt drives and in raid setup. i have the two drives in raid on my gigabyte sata controller which only has 2 ports. the secondary is on my intel sata controller. so i was wondering if that controler has disk priority or something. my question is disk the fact that my os is on disk 1 have any performance limitations and is there a way i can have my raid installed and my secondary but keep my raid setep as disk 0. or is there a way i can change which disk is what in windows?
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  1. :??: Why is this a problem? Why do you care if the RAID is drive 0 or drive 1? You could ask Gigabyte to re-work the BIOS, just for you. You could buy a SATA PCI card to connect the extra drive, or you could just live with it.

  2. Drive numbers are reported by Windows in the order that the BIOS enumerates them. Most BIOSes will enumerate the southbridge chip's individual drives first (i.e. the build-in IDE/SATA drives), then any RAID or AHCI volumes on the southbridge, then any add-in cards.

    Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/Server2000/Server2003/Server2008 doesn't care what the reported drive order is, the drive letters are kept by Windows in the registry, and are independent of the BIOS's drive ID assignment. This is unlike previous versions of Windows (95/98/ME) where the first drive reported by the BIOS was assigned as the C: drive.
  3. well i dont really care i was just curious if it was a problem and why it was doing that. thankyou for the responses
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