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My flash drive has very important school papers and files on it. When I plug into USB port it shows up almost full which is correct. However it does not show the name of the flash drive like it used to. When I try to access the files nothing is there to access even though the capacity is showing completely full. Please help I need access to files

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  1. It sounds like the drive has either become corrupted (removing without ejecting is a common reason) or it is failing.

    To try to fix it, open up a command prompt and type this (substitute the actual drive letter for X:)

    chkdsk X: /F

    If that does not restore your files, then download and run a file recovery utility such as UndeletePlus.

    THEN, the most important step, is to keep copies of your files in MULTIPLE places so that the loss of your USB drive is not the end of the world ;)
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