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I just added 2x1Gb RAM sticks to have a total of 4Gb of RAM memory into my Asus p5w-dh deluxe motherboard.

The problem is that the system only reads 3200 MB of memory and I see that the rest is defined in bios as "appropriated memory".

Can I get that memory back and if not, what does the system use it for?

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  1. Windows 32 bit operating systems are limited to about 3 gigs. Windows 64 bit xp or Vista 64 bit will recognize all 4 gigs.
  2. I run Windows Vista 32 bit Ultimate. I thought it can read 4gb of RAM.
  3. Incorrect - 32bit Windows OS' have 4GB worth of address space. the issue is that *everything* on your computer that needs an address has to ise the same pool. The main consumer, other than system memory is obviously Graphics memory. ANyhow - This is why you see less than 4GB of RAM.
  4. So, does this mean that if I install Vista 64 bit I would be able to access and see all 4 Gb?
  5. That is correct - If you went to XP64 or Vista 64, your OS would have access to all 4GB of RAM: I don't remember XP's, but Vista's limit for RAM is 128GB.

    Be advised: If you have a Retail licence for Vista, you can get a 64 bit CD from Microsoft for around $10 (handling charges). Doing this requires a clean, full, install. You cannot upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit. Drivers for some devices can still be a PITA to get, and older software may have troubles. If you have a Creative sound card and they haven't put out new V64 drivers in the last month, you may as well chuck it now. So double check. You shouldn't have any troubles with new software. Definitely do a full backup, and REMEMBER to include any software licence documentation you may have tucked away in your eMail client. Vista 64 should detect the existing installation and put your current files into a folder named WINDOWS_OLD. And nearly all the time, it will. But it pays to be sure.

    I've been running Vista 64 trouble free for the last 5 months. Nothing's brought it down yet. Configured my home network all by itself. It's been stable, and has run everything I've put on it without any complaints.

    It's not hassle-free, though: It has a pathological hatred for anything with expired or unsigned digital certificates - So if you like playing with shareware from the Web, your hobby will be *severely* limited. You used to be able to shut that off, but no more. So the only way I know of to get around it is to grab a hold of the software necessary to digitally sign the stuff yourself. ....Yeahhhhh....
  6. Thanks Scotteq! I'll check for drivers first and then decide if the change to Vista 64 is worth the trouble.
  7. the OS doesn't matter at the point he's referring to. The bios is appropriating 1gb of ram from him before any OS (64 or 32bit) is loaded...

    That being said, I have the same motherboard, with 2x2g chips, my bios reports 4096MB ram, 1024 appropriated. In case the above statement isn't understood, I also run Win7 x64 which shows: Installed memory (RAM) 4.00GB (3.00GB usable)

    any ideas on reappropriating this memory from the bios?
  8. ocforums has the fix:

    in your bios go to memory remaping and enable it. that should give you 4gigs in windows if you have 64bit
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