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Hey guys/gals.

I am going to be upgrading towards the end of the month and need some advice. Let me just first give you the details of what I am planning.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 "LGA775 Conroe" 3.00GHz (1333FSB) ( [...] =CP-156-IN )

Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500C5 TwinX(2x1GB)(1066mhz)
( [...] =MY-119-CS )

Asus P5E Intel X38 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard ( [...] =MB-249-AS )

My question is this. I have been reading mixed reviews of the X38 chipset. I understand that SLI is not currently supported, only crossfire. This doesn't really concern me as I only play to be running 1x8800GTX. What chipset would you buy if you were upgrading now and would you go for DDR2 or DDR3 as both the P35/X38 chipsets seem to support both depending on which board you buy.

Next, I am still better off buying a faster dual core than a slightly slower quad core? Bare in mind this rig will be used primarily for gaming.

Lastly, the RAM i have gone for runs at 1066mhz, but the board and the cpu run at 1300mhz. I assume this isn't going to be an issue. I have been told it is a waste of time buying anything above 800mhz atm? I will be upgrading to 4gb (4x1gb) in about a month.

Lastly, have the components I detailed above known to be compatible with each other?

I would greatly appreciate a detailed reply.

Thanks for your time guys/gals

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  1. Oh and i forgot to mention. Is it worth going for 64bit or 32bit vista? Like i said, will primarily be used for gaming.
  2. If you arre not planning on going with SLI/Crossfire I would go with the P35 chipset. X38 motherboards and DDR3 are very expensive at the moment.
    I would go with the quard core processor with the future in mind.
    DD2-1066 is fine, if you are planning on upgrading to a higher processor in the future or overclocking heavily.
    What you listed is compatible.
    If you are planning on going with 4 GB of memory, I would go with Vista 64 bit.
  3. Agreed.

    Try this:
    GA-P35-DS3R or Asus P5K Deluxe
    2x2GB DDR2-800 (PC2-6400). Corsair is a good brand, sure. Get 4 GB because Vista will benefit. Get 2x2 and not 4x1 because eventually you'll want 8 GB and this way you don't have to throw out the existing memory to free the slots.
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