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Hi, I'm getting 60C at idle and 80C at load with the fan at 100% at all times. I'm planning on installing a custom cooler for the evga 8800GTX. Which one is the best? I plan on overclocking the cPU and GPU a little. But thats after I learn how to overclock. :) Just built this new PC myself. My very first. Other than the GPU temps, eerything is smoooth. Crysis runs ok.Around 20-25 fps with Very High settings at 1680*1050. I also have a Q6600 with a thermalright Ultima. CPU is usually 33C under load which is fantastic.

Thanks for you help!!
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  1. Well, I'd stick with Thermalright's products and go for a Thermalright HR-03 Plus. My friend has the HD2900 equivalent, and idles at ~45C and peaks at ~65C. Excellent cooler, even if it's a bit pricey. Just be sure to get a quality 92mm fan to go with it, such as a Scythe S-FLEX, or SilenX. I have two of the latter, one for my case, one for my Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme. They're very quiet, and reliable.

    Hope this is helpful.
  2. Thermalright is the way to go with cooling. I LOVE their products. the only thing I don't like of theirs is the RAM cooler, its overboard. They don't include fans with anything but they are top quality. My buddy has an HR-03 for his GTX and it cools it very well. Get a nice 92mm fan and you are set.
  3. Will I be able to remove the ram sinks easily after I have glued them with thermal adhesive? What if I have to return the card. I should be able to restore the original heatsink eVGA provides. Is there any non-permanent thermal adhesive? From what I hear there is no such thing. That uncertainty is the only thing preventing me from buying it.
  4. id like to get an answer as well
  5. You could try this kit. It worked ok for me but I didn't have adhesive to deal with (tape). Put a Zalman on my 8800GT using it. I know what your saying though.
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