Please need help with this program

hi i need help with this java problem solving , please someone solves it

Write a Java class (program) that reads from the user the radius of a cylinder and its height
as real numbers.

Then calculates and prints the surface area and the volume of the cylinder (both rounded to
2 decimal places). See the given figure.

Hint: Use Math.PI for the value of π.

surface area : A = 2 π r(power2) + 2 π r h

π = the phi (radius i mean )

volume : V = π r(power2) h

Thx :)
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  1. Which part specifically you do not understand? Show us the code you've written so far.
  2. I'm getting the distinct impression you want us to do your homework.
  3. Yes, this is a homework question. Real world problems don't have hints. Read this:
  4. I see no program.
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