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I just bought a 2.5 USB 2.0 external drive and when I try to format it I get the error message, "Windows was unable to format the drive. " I tried deleting and recreating the partition and now it's still pending. I'll update with the status after. So far, no success. I wait awhile and then get the error message. If I do quick format, then I get the error right away.
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  1. The usb connection on the drive end looks a bit crooked. Could this be the problem? Windows still recognizes the drive with this connection though
  2. Is it plugged in fully on both ends, if not, windows might have difficulty formating.
  3. The question is then, how do I get it to plug in fully on the drive's side. It just came like this. Is there any way to tweak this? Would a new cable do anything?
  4. If I set external drives as boot drives in the bios, will that do anything?
  5. bump. this is driving me nuts
  6. is the drive sata or pata?
  7. If you just bought it and it doesn't work, call the vendor and send it back for a replacement.
  8. Drive is SATA
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