Need to get rid of integrated webcam

Hi all,

My computer keeps blue screening when i physically move my laptop. I suspect this is due to my malfunctioning webcam, because everytime I move the laptop, I hear the distinctive Windows sound when a device is plugged in, and I can trace it back to the webcam.

So I'd like to, if possible, completely neutralize the webcam without physically opening my laptop and prying the webcam out of the screen. Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. when you can insure that the webcam is still running you can go to

    Start /Settings/ Control Panel/ Device Manager/ Then look in the list for the webcamera *not exactly sure but I think it's in the Human Interface Devices section* then right click it and click disable so it will not use it.

    *keep in mind this will only halfway fix the issue since the only way to fully prevent it will be physically removing unplugging it from the motherboard where ever that it may be pluged at.
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