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The first step is to lift the lever for the 775 Socket CPU. Done. The second step is add a thin layer of heatsink paste. Do i have to do this? I bought a E2160, all it came with was the Heat Sink and the CPU no paste... What do i do?
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  1. I've never realy done anything heatsink related so take my advice as a grain of salt, but...

    I would. I mean, with a E2160, it seems like you would be overclocking...and I wouldn't want to take any chances. Are you sure that it didn't come with ANY kind of paste? Thermal?
  2. There is paste on the bottom of the heatsink/fan, at least im 99% positive of this. Look for some dark stuff on the bottom of the heatsink, thats the paste. if the bottom is all one solid color and no paste... dont put it on
  3. If there is no thermal paste on the bottom of the heatsink (Black or gray stuff), buy Arctic Silver 5 and follow the directions on their site for applying the paste.
  4. The retail heatsink will come with three parallel strips of a grey material pre-applied to the bottom; that is the thermal paste. It is ok to use. The key in mounting the heat sink is to make certain that all 4 push pins are solidly inserted into the mobo. It is best to do the insertion with the mobo out of the case so you can look at the back to verify that they are all in. It goes best if you push in diagonal pairs simultaneously. Before you try to push them in, carefully read the instructions that came with the cpu. Make certain that you know how to twist the knobs before insertion. Read both the installation and removal instructions so you can see how the attachment works. If for any reason, you need to remove the heatsink, it is best to clean off the old material with some alcohol, and re-apply some new paste. If this is done badly, your processor will run hot, but don't worry, if it gets too hot(unlikely), it will just shut down to avoid damage.
    ---good luck---
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