To AA or not?

Hi all
Well in Crysis when i changed the AA from 16x to 0 , the game play was very smoother and it ran better
so i wanted to know is it good to set AA to 0 always ? can someone post a screenshot of 0,2x,4x,8x,16x AA in a game?
if i have to set AA , then which one is good ?
also what is the difference between 16xQ and 16x?
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  1. Different types of AA, like supersampling, multi etc..

    Try using a control panel like nhancer to set multi-sampling AA to 4x and enable blurring by enabling experimental modes. It will give you a perfect image for MUCH better performance then normal 4x AA.
  2. Totally up to you, If you dont mind some jaggies go for the smooth performance, plus eventually you wont bother to notice them afterawhile. Totally just a preference, different strokes for different folks.
  3. but is the difference between 0 and 16x very much?
  4. Maziar said:
    but is the difference between 0 and 16x very much?

    Generally yes, but it will be the same as the difference between 0x and 4x.

    However, Crysis's AA for some reason doesnt affect plant life or something, so when you use very high and aa it blurs it.

    Can easily be done with nhancer as I said before.

    Difference should be huge.
  5. i have read some benchmarks and i have found out the best FPS/performance AA is 4x one
    so is the difference between 4x and 16x noticeable?

    btw that thing u said can be done with nvidia control panel too right ?
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