8800gt in stock here (UK)

For those looking for one of these nifty cards, ebuyer have them for about 167 quid.

Radeon 3850 & 3870 stock coming in 3-5 days also.


All credit to crusoe74 for providing me with a link for 3850/3870 at this site to.

Still keen on the 3870 personally though.

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  1. No problem mate. You're very welcome.

    I'd be quick though half their stock has gone in the last 2 hours :ouch: I sh*t you not.
  2. Yep 24 hours later all gt's are gone from ebuyer.

    Holly cow batman :P
  3. More should be available on monday, when I say more I mean hundreds at all the sites.

    Assuming there has been no delays.
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