PC isn't booting because of dvi monitor

Hello everybody,
I'm kinda new here with a realy annoying question, hope you'll solve it.
I recently bought a new computer but it didn't work for some reasons, and here were the specs:

2GB ram 800MHZ
Foxconn P35 motherboard

it was a compatibility issue but it worked for some 30 min till it crashed with a blue screen. But worked with my DVI-D screen.
So I went over and replaced the E6550 with an E6750 and bought the new Foxconn G31 motherboard.

with the same graphics card and same memory I tryed my PC first with a VGA screen for a week and worked fine till i took it home with me and plugged it in my DVI screen and it wont boot up.
Just starting the PC, get into the first GPU screen and then boot itself all over again so i can't even get to the bios.
Again ai tryed it on a VGA screen and worked perfectly.
So my question is, what the hell the problem?

Thanks alot for all the reply-ers.
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  1. So basically your PC works with a normal VGA screen but not with a DVI screen? What cables/converters do you use when using the DVI screen? What make/model DVI screen is it?
  2. Well, yeah, works with VGA (with a converter) and not with DVI.
    I have a Sony 19 inch screen (don't know the model, but they are basicaly all the same), and I use the cable which came with the monitor, which is a normal DVI to DVI cable.
  3. Okay perhaps the input selection on your DVI screen is set to analogue instead of digital? Although the screen is supposed to detect the input signal automatically.My Philips 17" screen automatically switched between analogue and digital according to the signal being fed to it. Go into your DVI screen's menu and check the input selection.Perhaps you can change it manually.
  4. Nop, didnt work.
    the wierd thing is that i can boot up without the screen being connected and then plug it in just right after the PC boots and then it works.
    My PC won't boot up with my screen connected, WHAT THE HELL?
  5. ur monitor is causing problems with your vid card, or vice versa
  6. HammerOfJustice said:
    ur monitor is causing problems with your vid card, or vice versa

    Ditto! I had the same problem. It was the video card drivers. I eventually gave up and just ran it off the analog connection instead of the DVI. Mine was a Nvidia card as well.
  7. Sorry I'm bumping it up but now my DVI monitor doesnt even work now with the graphics card, it doesnt display anything, anyone with a solution?
  8. Please guys help me!, i just changed my 8600GTS card to another one and i get the same problem. As i did before is to plug in the sxcreen after the system boots itself and it works.
    Just wont boot up with my screen plugged in.
    Any suggestions? Do i need to do something in my bios? Change it from VGA to DVI? Something?
  9. Hey av1222,

    I had the same problem with an old ATI Radeon 9200 card or at least I thought I did. It turned out one of my 512mb memory modules was toast. The DVI circuit on my 9200 was defiantly dead/dying but was unrelated to the startup problems. I would try 1 of your memory modules at a time. If neither work try replacing your memory.
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