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i have a new laptop and i want to transfer videos and music from bearshare on my old computer will this screw up my new laptop
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  1. As long as the files are virus/malware free, then transferring them should not be a problem. Be sure to scan the old system with a current anti-virus program as well as an anti-malware program.

    I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes. Links below:

    Feel free to use these tools on the new system as well.
  2. You wouldn't be transferring from bearshare to bearshare, you know that right?

    bearshare is just a program used to download and upload files (typically illegally, and we don't allow any talk of that on this forum apparently)

    Just go to the folder all ur downloads go, copy them to a flash drive (or DVD, CD, HDD, cloud storage, network drive, or any other form of removable storage), then copy them some where onto the new laptop from the removable storage.

    But, scan the entire folder for malware/viruses beforehand like COLGeek said
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