Patriot DDR2-800 RAM at 900MHz

I have Patriot DDR2-800 memory PDC24G6400LLK. It's rated to run at 800MHz with timing 4-4-4-12 at 2.2v. I set it to run at 900MHz at 2.2v with auto timing which results 5-6-6-14.

My computer passed prime95's small FFTs test for 12 hours. It failed blend test after 8 hours. I assume this is because of the RAM. But gave a quite favourable review about the RAM's overclockablity.

Should I increase RAM voltage to 2.3v or 2.4v? How safe is such increase? Or is it some other setting I need to adjust?
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  1. You should lower the voltage by one and try it again.
  2. Evilonigiri said:
    You should lower the voltage by one and try it again.

    I have the patriot memory, maybe not the same as yours, but you'll get a much more stable system with the memory at 5-5-5-16 I believe. Also if you force it at that you can leave your DDR2 voltage at normal/1.8V since the 2.2V is for the 4-4-4-12 timing. I've done this and it helps a bit and it passes memtest86+ this way as compared to failing in one test @ higher timings.
  3. i thought running it at higher speed needs higher voltage. thanks for the suggestion. i will keep testing it.
  4. Yes, but you're running laxed timings.
  5. it's now running at 1080MHz, 5-5-5-16, 2.0v. passed 12 hour blend test. thanks for the help. otherwise i would stuck at 2.2v.
  6. No problem.
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