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I am currently putting together my first system. I only have the Mobo, cpu, heatsink & power supply installed. I followed a guide that told me at this point (once everything is plugged in) to turn it on and make sure i get the warning beeps, fans are on, lights on, etc... I did that and everything went well.... However I did notice that the Arctic cooling freezer 7 fan did not start spinning, it did twitch when the power was turned on and off but that was it...

Is it not suppose to at least spin for a second on startup? It is very cold in the room so would it not spin? even at startup?

Do note that I have not yet installed the HD, DVD, or Vid card... i actually have to wait till tomorrow before i get my vid card anyway.

e4500 cpu
Arctic cooling freezer 7
GA-P31-DS3L mobo
2gb G.Skill DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
Evga 8800gt 512mb
Western Digital 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA
SAMSUNG SH-S203B/BEBN 20X SATA DVD Burner Black Drive
Corsair 550vx PSU
COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UB Case
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  1. Leave it on for a few seconds and make sure it spins. It should never not spin at all - that would mean it was broken, not properly plugged in (this is not the case if yours actually moved a little), or something is preventing it's movement. You won't hurt anything by turning it on w/o HD, DVD, etc. If everything else is working, you'll probably here One long beep and 2-3 short beeps, meaning that your Video Card is bad (or in your case, not installed).
  2. weird... the first few seconds it just twitched every 5 seconds, then slowly (every 5 seconds) would move a little bit more and more... now after 2 minutes it will spin around about 3 times then stop.... few seconds go by, spin again then stop...

    after 4 minutes it has started to spin without stopping, not very fast but slowly increasing speed...

    ok... after a few more minutes it is spinning faster... i can't tell if it is truly spinning "fast" though.... what is happening? Is this abnormal? Perhaps some setting in bios that is turning it off since its so cold in here and slowly turning it on as the cpu warms up?
  3. Make sure the CPU fan is connected to the right clip on the mobo or just attached securely. If that doesn't work, you MAY have a bad fan.

    Perhaps some setting in bios that is turning it off since its so cold in here and slowly turning it on as the cpu warms up?
    Usually there is an option in the BIOS called "Smart Fan", but I've never seen it actually stop the fan. Once you get your VGA card, you'll be able to test it... although, it may be unsafe to start the CPU for an extended period of time w/ a non-working HS Fan.
  4. Nothing is wrong. The CPU is not working enough to generate heat for the thermally controlled fan controller to kick in. As it warms the fan runs more.

    You have an idling e4300 with a big heat sink sitting in a meat locker. When you get the rest of the parts and load the processor the fan will spin up.
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