1950pro 256mb card just died. upgrade to 8800gt?


E6420 at stock 2.13mhz
Mobo is a G945 board ripped out of an HP pavilion system (my understanding is that its a very hard board to oc )
2 gigs of ram at 667
300 gig seagate 7200 rpm drive
lg gsa-h62l dvd player
22 inch samsung (run at 1650x1080) when possible

I dont have alot of money and have read alot of these boards and have come to the conclusion that an 8800gt should be a good bang for my buck to throw in my system. But I wanted to post and make doubly sure itll be a reasonable upgrade for my system in consideration to my specs.

Basically wondering if any part of my system will greatly imped the new cards performance.
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  1. 8800GT would be a nice addition to your system. Apparently they are just a bit scarce at the moment.
  2. HD 3870!!!!

    The card to go for if you cant find find an 8800GT. Cmon give ATI your money!!

    Seriously it offers the same if not better price to performance ratio as the 8800GT.
  3. Yeah go HD3870 :-)
  4. HD3870 Looks promising I do admit. Altho I am a bit disapointed with its performance in the latest bench marks I think only because I was truly anticipating more significant results.

    Well atm I can get an evga 8800GT for 290 bucks. Im in Canada and am a bit secluded so prices tend to be a bit higher here. So in light of that do you think I should still wait for the 3870 and pray for some driver optimization.

    Also bare in mind that I simply cannot play my computer at all right now.

    Thanks for your replies tho :D
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