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I recently had problems with IE8 so I uninstalled and installed IE7. All my favorites are under my favorites folder: Document and settings/Dell/favorites.
When I try to go to one of favorites it tries to print for some odd reason. All the favorites have the unknown file format picture with them. When I try to add a new bookmark it does the same thing. It adds it to my favorites but won't open the website. It's like the URL isn't there with the favorite. Please help this is a friends comp and he needs it tom for school. Thank you so much.
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  1. Doug, back up your Favorites before you do that. It never hurts to have backups of anything.
  2. How do I do a backup of internet explorer?
  3. How do I restore to a previous point
  4. Not IE, your Favorites. Is "Dell" your Windows user name?

    Just copy the folder to a safe place. But if your IE is already corrupted, don't know if the Favorites are intact. You should do backups of data regularly before something happens.
  5. ok so I restored the comp to last thur. I imported my favorites from ie into firefox so Im good on that. Now my problem is what it was before, IE doesn't start. How do I completely remove IE to do a reinstall
  6. You didn't say you were using Firefox. I think you'd better back up a little.
    Are you now on IE 7 or 8.?
    What version of Firefox?
    And what result are you trying to get? Firefox as the default browser?
  7. I used revo to uninstall ie7. It ran into some problems when uninstalling. It said it couldn't find some files. So I skipped this and removed ie7 (i think) I disabled it under windows components installed ie7 again and re enabled ie in the windows components. Still doesn't work.......
  8. I have to get IE to work. I'm using Firefox as a backup.
  9. Is IE 8 really buggy or is it pretty stable now?
  10. Ok so IE8 is installed and works fine. My favorites were automatically pulled and they work fine too. The problem now is the website i need to work with ie is not working. It's called when the activex control bar comes up ie reports a problem and closes the page. Is this a problem with website and ie8 (it worked fine with ie7)
  11. The website says this is a known issue and Microsoft Java Virtual Machine needs to be uninstalled for it to work. Should I do this and if so how. What is MJVM?
  12. ok so disabling mjvm and installing java didn't work
  13. Add the site in question to the compatibility view settings under tools:-)

  14. Use Firefox, with IE as your backup. IE is still full of security holes in every version, but you need it for a few sites, including manual MS updates. What do you think 1/3 of those MS Win updates are? Security fixes for IE.
  15. i added the site to the comp view setting and still no luck. When activex control is supposed to come up i get this error:

    THe instruction at "0x06370068" referenced memory at "0x06370068". The memory could not be written,
  16. This is a computer I'm working on for a friend and they like IE. I know it sucks I use firefox for me default and love it.
  17. i added the site to the comp view setting and still no luck. When activex control is supposed to come up i get this error:

    THe instruction at "0x06370068" referenced memory at "0x06370068". The memory could not be written,
  18. Like I said no luck with that fix :(
  19. Tilweh--
    1--IE is part of the system, and not every file has the name Internet explorer in it. Voidtools is not a good program.
    2--You shgouldn't uninstall IE using Revo or the Win uninstaller because it's part of the system. This is the method MS suggests under "XP" here for reverting back

    3--I think you'd better stop here before Doug's system gets screwed up.
  20. DougEFresh said:
    This is a computer I'm working on for a friend and they like IE. I know it sucks I use firefox for me default and love it.

    That's fine, as long as he knows it's an MS product. :(
  21. I just installed IE8 from their website so there should be any but I checked and I was right. What is causing this error??
  22. Tilweh, I appreciate any and all help
    Thank you
  23. Doug, I'm waiting for a little more help here, as your system now has more problems than you started with. I don't step into Active X and VM problems if I don't understand them. Please be patient... :D

    After this is all fixed, ask your friend to clone his HD, to avoid this kind of thing.
  24. Hi All,

    Thought I'd drop my two cents into the ring. Interesting problem!
    I would try this (to eliminate add-in issues without uninstalling anything)

    Run IE8 Without Add-ons:

    Internet Explorer can be run without the add-ons installed. This is useful if you run into some kind of error after you installed any particular add-on. You can open Internet Explorer without add-ons in 2 ways. One way to open is to navigate to start menu-> All Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Internet Explorer (no Add-ons). This opens up IE without ActiveX controls and browser extensions.

    Second way is Win + R key which opens Run command, type iexplore –extoff and this will open up IE8 without add-ons.
  25. See if logmein works in this 'safe' mode
  26. support says that there must be some virtual machine or something blocking the add on needed from installing but not sure what. They suggest I uninstall java virtual machine completely and not just uncheck the boxes in advanced settings in internet options. Should I do this.
  27. Doug,

    Perhaps you should go into Internet Explorer and select the Tools option and then Internet Options->Advanced tab and click on the reset button. This will clear out any third party tool bars and such junk.

    Then try the instructions at this site, which deals specifically with Logmein and ActiveX issues.

    Then let us know how you make out.
  28. Sorry. It is late and I forgot to post the link!
  29. Hey, it's only 5:12 AM. I'm going to bed.
  30. One other thing. Tilweh is giving you great advice about checking for bugs
    (viruses and spyware). Obvoiusly something caused your original problems. It might have been an Ie upgrade gone haywire, but it won't hurt to follow his advice and download Malwarebytes and do a full scan.
  31. graywolf said:
    Hey, it's only 5:12 AM. I'm going to bed.

    6:15 here and I have to gt up soon! <grin>
  32. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So the solution was to COMPLETELY remove Microsoft Java Virtual Machine just no disable it in IE options. I had to run: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection java.inf,UnInstall and then delete some files and registry entries (not before I backed it up though). I then went to logmein using IE8 and the add on was installed and everything worked great. Thanks for all your help to everyone. Just talking about the problem with people helps me work it out. Thanks again
  33. I'm going to bed............night all
  34. Nite DougEFresh! Glad to read that it all worked out.

    Nite to everybody else too. Logmein should have worked using either Java or Activex, so I wonder if you will still experience ActiveX issues? That is, however, for another day.
  35. dig--I replied to your PM, but it kept getting wiped out. Thanks for your help.

    Please choose a BEST ANSWER, DougEFresh.
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