New build, no signal to monitor

Hi i just got my computer to power on. It displays a red light at the front for the LED display of my case dont know what that means.

Anyways i can power up my system but it wont send a signal to the monitor

Using a p35 motherboard
the new 8800 GT so i have to connect DVI

550W power supply

any suggestions to my problem?
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  1. Hi, i have no solutions because i am unfortunately having the same problem.

    Im using EVGA 680i A1 and 8800 GTX

    any knowlegable help would be appreciated!
  2. Is your heat siink suppose to start up immediatly when you turn power to you system or does it go through a 3 second delay then start going?
  3. all of my lights and fans power up, and my PSU is antec TPQ-1000 so i know i have enough power
  4. Ok i have a question, does u heat sink start up immediatly or take a second, also if u try to just boot with the CPU and HEAT sink and POWER SW connected will it start for about 5 seconds then turn off?
  5. Suggest you disassemble the machine including taking the board out of the case. While the mobo is out of the case install one stick of RAM if you have 2 and the video card and test it. If it works, install the second stick. When you install the mobo in the case be sure you have the exact number of standoffs, no more and no less, and all the necessary screws are in and then test after each piece is installed. This is the easiest way to troubleshoot
  6. Yes, i just did that g-paq

    1) took MOBO out, only connections

    POWER SW - which is the power switch to the case
    775 Socket E2160 CPU
    Standard heat sink - connected to the MOBO cpu fan slot

    Thats it, turned the power on the CPU fan moves a little wait 1 seconds the CPU fan goes, wait 1 more second the computer Shuts Off, is this normal? This is w/o ram or graphics cards or anything else attached, its not in the case.
  7. it could be either your video card or ram
  8. not my processor or my mobo?? is that normal for the CPU fan to do that? MY mobo make s aloud beep if i but the graphics card in and dont connect the 6 pin power cord to it btw
  9. Also my computer will run if the Heat Sink is not on the Process just same as before no POST
  10. Ok since im new to bulding there is a 4 pin connecter next to the CPU does something has to be put in there? I have a PCI-E, Sata, a 8 pin connecter <--- no idea what this is for, and a 2x12 PIN Main power connecter, am i suppose to do something with that 8 pin one? Does something need to be plugged by the CPU
  11. If it shuts off immediately after you turn it on, could be heat. Take off the HSF and CPU, clean the paste off both, rubbing alcohol and a coffee filter will work, apply a dab of Artic Silver and make sure the HSF is firmly seated
  12. a suggestion made to me on the slizone forums solved my problem. My monitor (out of the box) was not set up to recognize a digital inputs. so i used the VGA cord and hooked it up to my laptop, extended windows onto it, than used the menu to change the input from analog to digital.
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