Mba memory issue

In simple words I am a developer who is going to buy a 13 mba 8gb ram 128gb ssd. I am buying this as for the developer tools I can get on it.
I do not want the the mbp 13 as the resoultion is too low for me and I want a ssd.

But the question is how would a vmware appliance working on a macbook air on a external usb 3.0 5200 rpm hard drive work? Would it be fast and get on applications quick because there are some developer tools that I need windows for.

Just to be clear I do have a windows desktop at home and a linux laptop so I do not want a die hard windows person get in my grills ;) .

Many thanks

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  1. Running a VM from a USB drive is not bad, but not as fast as running it from a fast local drive.

    I actually run a Windows XP VM from a USB 2.0 hard drive using Portable VirtualBox and it runs fine.
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