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Hey guys,

A friend and I were interested in sending files to one another but we required a more secure connection so we decided upon creating a VPN connection.

He set up the VPN through Windows XP Pro, the WAN Miniport (PPTP). On my computer, it says I'm connected and on his computer it says that I'm connected and I had my username/login setup as well; however, now that the connection is established and according the the Properties of the VPN we're both sending packets, how do we go about actually transferring the files? I do not see any of his drives (although shared) comming up on My Network Places. I check sites but all of the ones I found just show you how to make a VPN connection with a client (which we have done successfully) but as far as using the VPN to transfer files, we can't find anything.

Can anyone help me out in this situation?

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  1. You have to setup shared folders now and if you did that need to go to start, run and put in his address \\192.168.0.x and then you will get a window that looks similar to ftp that shows his network shares. if he doesn't know what his address is tell him to type ipconfig /all in a command prompt window. Hope this helps though.
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