Need to Wipe Hard Drive Disk?

I just upgraded a number of parts on my computer: RAM, Motherboard, Processor, GPU, ect. Everytime I try to start up my computer it goes pass the BIOS screen and then fails to boot and restarts at the VISTA loading bar screen. Is this because i need to wipe my HDD and if so how do I get past this with out loosing all of my information on it?
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  1. Boot off your installation disk and select repair (If Vista instillation has that) or do a fresh install of Vista.
  2. I already tried to repair and it didn't work. Is there any way to do this without deleting everything on my hard drive?
  3. Does it boot in safe mode?
  4. no it won't it also restarts at the VISTA loading bar screen.
  5. Turn off computer. Switch off PSU. Unplug PSU
    Get MB manual out.
    Clear BIOS at CMOS jumper.
  6. Zman. You're best served to do a re-installation of the Vista, especially if you can't even get into Safe Mode. Vista is trying to load chipset, video, etc., drivers for a chipset, video, etc. that are no longer there. If you want the best end-result do a fresh'll be done before you know it.
  7. Maybe you could remove you HD and plug it into a Host PC to recover your files before a re-installation if every thing else fails.
  8. Ok but I can't seem to find the BIOS jumper on my P5E3 Deluxe Motherboard, I checked my manual also.
  9. Page 2-22 of your manual. Or download one if you dont have it
  10. Hi,

    If you want to boost up your system performance by wiping hard drive then you should make backup of your data in logical hard drive. Then wipe the primary disk drive using stellar drive wipe software.
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