Will I really notice a difference from 3.0ghz to 3.6?

After much tweaking, I've finally managed to get my E6850 stable at 3.6ghz using just the stock cooler. Max temp loads never exceed 63C during prime95 torture.

Is it really worth it? Am I going to notice a difference opening photoshop? Manipulating images? Playing games? I almost never encode. VCore is at 1.4v and I wonder if that will significantly shorten my CPU lifespan, as well as my +0.1v FSB and PCI-E I had to do to get my system stable.
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  1. Yup 0.6Ghz is alot
  2. I doubt you'll notice much difference in opening programs, as drive speed comes into play. As far as manipulating images if your working at pro-sizes and resolutions, then you'll see a definate difference.

    With games it depends on what game and what vidcard you're using. If you got a low-to-mid range vidcard, it'll probably bottleneck there if your playing a high-end game.

    I wouldn't worry about 1.4V, as your CPU is spec'd to 1.5V - so you're still in it's designed limits.
  3. Yeah I've got an 8800GT KO edition. CPU OC probably unnecessary since I mainly play games, but some part of me feels GOOD knowing I'm getting an extra 600mhz for free!
  4. ;), it's worth it, if it makes you feel good!
  5. 20% faster is A LOT. You will notice a difference.
  6. I noticed it on my Pentium 4 from 3.0 GHz to 3.4 GHz.
  7. Pick up a cheap aftermarket cooler, even the lowly but good Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, for about $22 shipped, to get those temps down to 55 or below.

    Will add life to the cpu, and for God's sake, an e6850 deserves good cooling.

    My watercooled e6750 is running cool at ~30c orthos load at 3.4, and it is noticeably faster than the stock 2.66. My vcore is at 1.3 ish, no worries till 1.5.
  8. get an aftermark cooler. nice speed!
  9. yes - fsb makes a difference and so does clock speed
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