Windows Xp it ready to be used ???

Hey I was wondering I have a copy of Windows Xp 64 Professional that I never used I was wondering do you think It would be a smart move to use it from now on? Since compatibility has gone up....???

Thank You

I mainly use the computer for gaming and School work.

I just read that the computer and proccessing is much faster so i just wanted a switch:)

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  1. Funny you ask, i just installed a copy of it today. Ive noticed faster loading of the OS and a few basic apps but my wireless card doesnt have 64bit support so i need to dual boot xp 32bit in order to go on the internet.Other than that it works great, its a fantastic alternatice to vista 64 since it seems there are cracks out now to get the DX10 effects in DX9.
  2. I got XP64 several months ago and I've liked it. There were some initial problems because some hardware companies hadn't provided 64 bit support, but all that I run into now do. Guess that's something to thank Vista for. Its faster than Vista, far less annoying, and the only fault I find is the lack of DX10. Now it seems that some of the DX10 features can be gotten on a DX9 machine, I wonder if someone will come out with a DX9.0d version, unofficially of course, to supplant the DX9.0c? That would be nice. :sol:
  3. Well I dunno I just got it...I already have alot of oses but I'm thinking maybe I should just get rid of the 32 windows XP...But maybe I should keep it just incase...

    So basically I'll have

    Windows XP Pro
    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Windows 2003 Server
    and Finally Windows Xp Pro 64 bit LMAO

    wow ......seems to be 2 much!!!

  4. Yeah, I was thinking about XP 64-bit myself. I guess I should see what kind of driver support it's got now, huh?
  5. Very intersting and timely. I have xp pro 64bit on my desk. I was going to install it on a secondary drive and see how it does tonight...
  6. Guys, XP x64 works great. I've been using it for over a year and a half and I've had ZERO problems. I run an Opty185@3.0ghz, 2GB DDR500, 2900XT, X-Fi Fatality, and a bunch of other stuff. Most GOOD hardware manufacturers have 64-bit drivers so I've never had an issue with that. 64-bit software flies too. Give your 64-bit CPUs room to stretch their legs and if you have 4GB of memory you need to run a 64-bit OS in the first place. Give it a try, you will not regret it brother.
  7. going to will show a plethora of downloadable 64 bit drivers, or information on where to locate them... incase a piece of hardware you have isnt supported directly by the manufacturer (such as you might only need to find generic drivers for the chipset if nothing else)

    for instance, my airlink101 802.11g wireless card isnt supported by the manufacturer in 64bit yet (and might never be specifically)... but i located some downloadable atheros chipset drivers awhile back, and it works just fine, since it uses the atheros chipset... i also did the same thing for a printer awhile back too, there werent any 64bit drivers listed for the specific printer, but just locating which other printers used the same type of drivers got around it too

    but, xp x64 is in sp2 currently... so it definetly has more overall support than it did just a couple years ago when it was first released
  8. I dual booted XP 32 bit and Vista 64 and tried Vista 64 bit for about a week. It might have just been me, but it did seem faster relating to OS tasks, startup, etc. I didn't find the correct chipset drivers for my motherboard and there is no 64 bit driver for my wireless adapter, so gaming and internet were out of the question. But what little I did experience in Vista 64 was good. All I can say is try it, and good luck finding drivers.
  9. I have been using XP 64bit for abot 2 year's now and it's grate. If I ha dent changed to Vista 64bit Ide still be using it. BA
  10. alright So then I guess I'll install it and give it a try and see how it goes. Just the thought of seeing windows installation again I'm going go crazy lol....I think I reformated like 50 times since August because my windows vista kept screwing up if I installed both windows Xp and Vista lol But now it works:S weird anyways I guess I try it:)
  11. L1qu1d said:
    I think I reformated like 50 times since August because my windows vista kept screwing up if I installed both windows Xp and Vista lol But now it works:S weird anyways I guess I try it:)

    This is why I installed the OS's on separate hard drives and then connect the one I want to use and disconnect the other. That way there is no way that there can be a conflict. Some people have dual booted without problem, but I tried it in the past and had problems. As cheap as hard drives are now, I decided that it was easier to have two hard drives and separate installations.
  12. Yea but I can't have anything sucking up anymore energy lol....I know hard drives do nothing...but I wanna limit it at 3 Hard drives till I can fit the 1000W PSU ...which means a different case lol

    SO yeah I'm stuck with 2 RAID-0 and a 3rd for Windows Server and WIndows 64 :)
  13. Anyone know where to get airlink x64 drivers? They are based on atheros chipsets, but I cannot find a list of which chipsets go with which cards...
  14. this might be it... i think this is actually where i had looked before awhile back, or another forum like this anyhow

    and about halfway down, a couple airlink cards are referenced, with links for downloadable 64bit drivers
  15. Thanks a billion choirbass. They have the AWLH4030 x64 drivers on there, which is exactly what I own! I spent forever trying to find out which atheros chipset it used, but now I don't need to worry about it. Thanks again; I can't wait to see how x64 performs compared to 32-bit xp pro.
  16. welcome :)
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