Dual Core Not Showing Up in task manager

I recently purchased and installed a socket 939 AMD Dual core proc. (4800+) into my system to give it a bit more life. The motherboard is an asus a8n csm. The problem is this:

In the task manager I've read that you're supposed to be able to click on performance, view, and then see options to see two graphs for each proc.

This is not the case for me. However, to see if I was hallucinating, I checked the Device Manager and under computer it reads:

ACPI Multiprocessor x-64 based PC

I have attached pictures of what I am experiencing to help.

I have read the information concerning the hal.dll switch and stuff like that, but I want to be positive about what I'm doing before I do it, and if I need to do it at all. It just seems odd that I am seeing multiproc in the system manager, but not under the task manager.

Thank you for your help, and I apologize if this is a repost in any way.

*edit* upon using Sandra Lite I tried to run the multi-core benchmark and received the error:
"The module is not compatible with your computer or is not compatible with the current mode."
Here is a picture:
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  1. its an amd - task manger is an opition

    repair windows!
  2. Did you ever get an answer on this. I am having a similar issue with a new E8500 and a DFI Lanparty x38 board. In my system settings, the Computer shows up as a Multiprocessor and two cores are found in the hardware list. But when I go to Task Manager, it only shows one core. I have tried changing the view, but to no avail. I also downloading the Intel CPU identification software and it showed 2 cores. How do I know that both are working. I appreciate any help.

  3. Did you just plug in a HDD that already had windows on it?

    If so you need to reinstall windows if you moved up from a Single Core to a Multi Core CPU
  4. No, it is a brand new install. I flashed the Bios last night to the latest version, but still no joy in the Task Manager. I'm less concerned about the task manager and just want to make sure that it is being used. I have a Due Core laptop at work, and it shows both cores.

    Any other thoughts?

    As an additional side note, I also have a memory issue where XP shows that I have 3 GB despite the the board posts and shows all four G.

    Thoughts on that?
  5. do a repair - run vista put the disc in and repair

    xp run scannow sfc <---- this is not the run command research it and read about it

    see if the os is curpt

    it could be bios issue since the os reads the cpu data from the bios - i think?

    i am guessing, since i have seen or fixed this before, but i think it is an os issue.
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