Amd 5600 load temp at 70 or higher deg C

Hey guys and girls-
I just installed a new AMD 5600 2.8 CPU along with a new HS and intake fan. I uninstalled a 4600 2.3 AMD (I think :??: ) Stock Chip and that one idled at 22, 25 C but also ran high on load. With this new Chip Im getting idle temps at around 35 to 40 C but when I run anything over a 50% load over a time frame of about 5 minutes my temps jump up to around 70C. That's a huge jump in my mind and I'm not sure why.

I've tried 3 different HSs and Arctic Silver 5 and each one produces about the same result. The only difference I could see between the HSs were their idle temps.

Is this common to see such a jump in temp or have I got something completly wrong.

Any thoughts would be very welcomed!

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  1. we'll this may be a dumb qestion but have you tired to resit your heatsink. or you could be adding to much compound. are you runing demaning app's or games?

    just my 2 cents.

  2. Yeah-
    I've reseated the heatsinkmulitple times, but was thinking last night that maybe I've not pushed down hard enough when sitting it. I've just kind of gently pushed it down each time. Would maybe not applying enough pressure when sitting the HS cause this. I've also tried different amounts of TG when applying it.

    Really the only think I can think this would be is the pressure when seating it.

    And yes I'm running very resource hogging games -
    Crysis - High settings
    Arma AA- High settings
    and the mother of all - MS Flight sim X - at high settings is a beast.
  3. There can be a significant difference in temperatures at load when thermal compound is incorrectly applied to the heatsink. Below is a link to the instructions written by arctic silver. If you're still using the original heatsink applying enough pressure shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Ok-
    I've read those instructions from Artic Silver a while back, but looking at other preapplied TG and web information it seems that you should cover the entire or almost the entire CPU's heatspread with a very, very thin layer of TG.

    That small dot, I'm guessing is only going to spread to about 4 times it original applied size leaving about 30% to 40% of the outer sides of the CPU's Heatspread uncoated.

    Is this Correct, and are any of you seeing this type of small coverage and good temps?

  5. I've got my 5000+ BE OCed to 3.2GHZ at 30C I'm using a Zalman cooler and just used the TG that came with it. I put a super thin (almost translucent, almost) layer from edge to edge. I used the whole tube, granted it was very small.
  6. Hey,
    I'm not sure what heatsink you are using, but I can quote you some temps from my own setup which uses a similar processor-the fx-62 at 2.8 ghz. It's rated at the same 125 tdp, and IS HOT!
    I am using a Thermalright ultra 120 (non extreme version.)
    I have an Apevia x navigator case with good airflow and fans. At stock speed my core temps were around 30-32 C idle and topped over 40C loaded 100%. I have done some minor overclocking and have settled into a 3.105 ghz oc solid and I am about 10 degrees warmer with an idle of about 40-42 C and around 50C fully loaded. I think I actually got it up to 52C by running prime 95 all night (18 hours).
    I lapped my processor and heatsink for hours, which I wouldn't recommend unless you are not afraid to void your warranty.

    So from this you can see that regardless of your heatsink, those temps are out of bounds. I would reseat the heatsink with a rice kernel size drop of AC5 (it will spread out just fine). Then, check your case airflow. I had to fiddle with my airflow a good deal to get these temps, I replaced a few fans with higher quality ones, (especially a higher airflow Silenx 120 72CFM exhaust fan)and I re-organized my cables out of the path of airflow.
    This made a difference of about 7C which is a pretty good improvement.
    I am actually considering purchasing a 5000 black because of the lower tdp, without the heat issues I believe with my 120 ultra I could hit 3.2 ghz and higher. Less power consumption and lower MOBO temps too.
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