Did I screw up this Raid 10 setup? (onboard intel raid)

Hey, this is my first raid setup and I've been struggling to get it setup correctly. Here is what I did (this round):

1. setup the bios for RAID
2. installed Intel raid drivers during Vista installation
3. Created a partition on each drive
4. Installed Vista on the drive in spot 0
5. Used Intel Raid Matrix to create a raid volume (raid 10) from an existing hard drive
6. Added the remaining 3 drives to the volume during installation

Intel Raid Matrix sees the raid and thinks everythings fine. On the other hand, when I view the properties of the drive in windows, it is showing up as having 500 gb free w/ 500 gb used (its a 2TB raid). I'm guessing I screwed something up during the installation?

Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated as I've been struggling with this for the past day or two.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You didn't mention the size of each hard drive. A raid 10 with 4 x 500Gb would have a total size of 1Tb. If you have 500Gb drives your would have to use a RAID 0 to get 2Tb. I wouldn't recommend a RAID 0 if you are looking to protect your data. One failed drive will bring down the whole RAID 0. In RAID 10 both drives in a mirrored set would have to fail to bring down the RAID.

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