Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (250gb) vs WD Caviar SE16 (250gb)

I'm having trouble deciding which one I should get. I'm getting mixed benchmarks, for example:,658.html
says that the barracuda crushes the WD (79.8 to 50.5)

actually says that the WD is faster than the barracuda both in read/write speed and in real-life performance (they used loading a level in Crysis)

Can someone explain this? Or am i missing some important detail in these benches?

Also, I've been reading a lot of the reviews on newegg, and a lot of them said that the seagate drives were DOA or that it failed on them within 1 hour of use. So... which one should I pick?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Someone answer the man. I am curious to know as well
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