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I've just reinstalled Vista on the laptop and it took hours to finish all of the updating. This took way too long to do and was a huge headache. I've looked into slipstreaming, but there are just too many potential problems doing this. Plus, Microsoft advises against doing this because of problems with windows updating.

I downloaded all of the latest updates for my copy of Vista to a single folder for future updating after reinstalls. This folder contains many updates and is well over a Gig in size. What I'd like to do (if possible) is to burn these updates to a DVD for an unattended install method. Is it possible to do this without having to baby sit the installation of the updates? How would I create such an install disk or is there any programs out there to do this for me? Some of the updates will require a reboot and I just wonder if this would be a problem.

Just looking for a quicker and easier way to do reinstalls without the slipstreaming method. I certainly appreciate your help and look forward to reading your responses.

Thanks in advance and take care.
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  1. YOU can just download and save the service packs!
  2. If you have a retail key microsoft will send you an updated reinstall disc with the service packs on it..for around $10.00.
  3. DookieDraws said:

    Just looking for a quicker and easier way to do reinstalls without the slipstreaming method.

    you could try using wuinstall and use your already downloaded updates as the cache directory. so your machine will look which updates are needed, check the cache directory if it is already downloaded and install it. further more this tool has more features for getting windows updates unattended, for example it reboots after installation of updates if necassary automatic.
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