Blue screen of death when booting after install

Here's what I did...

1. I had a Dell Dimension XPS GEN 5 and the case went to crap so I had to pull out all the components and use it in a new Apevia case.

2. I found out the CPU was dead and ended up buying a new Intel CPU. I also bought a new motherboard to fit the case since Dell's will never work on other cases < Dell FTL >

3. Everything installed fine, fans are working, lights power switch the whole jazz.

4. I loaded into bios and checked the settings and the motherboard reads the two SATA drives I have installed that were previously in my dell system.

Here's the catch on the HDD's. I already had windows XP installed on the HD's and I'm not sure if they were set to raid. I have a lot of personal information and files that I wasn't able to retrieve since the Dell computer went to crap on me. I thought maybe I can just put together the dell in a new case and hook up the drives and WALA everything would work. Am I wrong?

Problem: When I boot the computer it starts to load windows and right before it does I get the blue screen of death. The two SATA drives I have are each 500gb each. I'm not sure if they were set to raid and then partitioned to 500 so it works faster or if they were just set to SATA 0 SATA 1 two separate drives.

Can someone help me figure out what I did wrong and if there's a solution behind this that's doesn't involve formatting because there is a lot of information on those HDD's I didnt save. I planned on saving all the info to a "My Passport Essential" External HDD but never had the chance since my computer went BOOM.

Thank you all for helping. I'm eager to find out what the problem is.

I spoke to a dell representative and found out that those bastards didn't raid my two HDD's which is kinda good thing since I can salvage my data. The bad part is I chose raid 0 and those bastards didn't do it. Are my HDD's infected with STD? I try to load in safemode and when it starts to load a file called STDP or SPTD.sys and crashes to the blue screen. Is there a way to load windows on a new system without reinstalling? Could this problem be because the OS is from a Dell CD?
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  1. If you have changed the MoBo you will probably have to re-install XP, some times (if you're lucky) XP can pick-up the new hardware and load the required drivers (and request re-activation); However, Dell's build of Windows id tied to a Dell MoBo and will only install/run on a Dell MoBo.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I had an extra 150GB HDD laying around and I used it to install windows vista. I now have the two HDD's from the old dell as extra storage and I can transfer my files from there. All worked out, just a little time consuming. As long as I have all my stuff I'm good.
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