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What are the differences between Corsair and Crucial in general? I just replaced my Corsair ddr-2 667 with Crucial ddr-2 800 (4 sticks for a total of 3 gigs) one of the 1 gig sticks is bad. Ive always brought corsair but looking at the newegg reviews im giving them a try. Since 1 stick is bad im trying to decide whether to send everything back and get ddr-2 800 from corsair or just rma the bad stick? my mobo is a p5k-e wifi.
Do you all prefer one over the other in general?
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  1. links doesnt work
  2. Not sure what happened but i re posted the links
  3. Well both RAMs have the same timings the only difference is in the voltage(which is minimal)
    dont listen to the newegg reviews, they arent useful
  4. In general, both are companies that make very good memory. In most cases it will boil down to brand loyalty or simply price. I certainly won't say anything bad about another RAM company as that is not how we do things. If there is anything I can help with, please just ask.
  5. Your question is like asking "what's the difference between Ford and GM". Both companies market a number of lines from low-end to high-end. The items in your links are both from the companies' premium lines, so I wouldn't worry about them.
  6. Top two memory brands IMO. Whichever has the best deal at the time I need it gets the dollar.
  7. Ehh, drop the corsair sticks. If you plan to overclock that is....

    The older revision of those corsair sticks (rev 1.1, 1.2, and 1.4) contained Micron D9 modules. Top notch quality sticks, the current 2.1 revision contains promo IC's...not very good for OC'ing if you plan to do so.

    With the Crucials, you're guaranteed Micron D9 chips, whether it be the most received (and best) D9GMH, D9GCT, or D9GKX....they are all micron. Go with the crucial modules, Corsair was a very top notch brand. Still is in a lot of peoples eyes, but they have been swapping out a lot of their IC's for cheaper ones, which has made Corsair followers angry.
  8. Also.....sort of off stick is probably not bad

    32-bit OS's only support 4 gigs, thats including BIOS, graphics etc.
    If you have 64-bit OS then one is dead
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