How Much You Pay - 8800GT? (not including shipping)

I am just wondering how much you all paid for you 8800GT, NOT including shipping?

- I paid $250 (+ $15 for shipping = $265) for an eVGA 8800GT is being shipped to me today, I just received an invoice form NCIX! I ordered on the afternoon of Oct 29th, it was worth the wait. If you had some coupons or insane way of getting it really cheap (under $230) - please explain! =)

PS: I had to repost this because I deleted the last one by accident...don't ask.
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  1. Putting £ to $, about $380, with crysis bundled.

    But thats the UK for you..
  2. Well, I haven't ordered yet. I was a good little boy and waited until the 3800 release.

    I wish I hadn't waited because now I cannot decide which on I want. I mean, do I go for the:

    -8800GT: Which seems to be the better card right now, but may not be worth the price premium, and might lose performance gains when new drivers come out for ati....for $259.
    -3870: Which is a good $40 dollars cheaper. Preforms less now, but maybe after some drivers might preform better or atleast closer to the 8800GT and supposedly runs cooler and quieter....for $219.
    -3850: Which can supposedly be OCed to 3870 performance and performs "70% better than the 8800GT" in crossfire according to a not-so reputable site. Which would clearly be out of my budget.
    -G92 GTS: Which would also be outside my budget.

    Meh. I'm terrible at decicision. Anyways...I'll probably just go for the 8800GT at $259.99
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