OCZ PC2-6400 Plat rev2 + Corsair Dominator RAM problem

I use a XFX 650i Ultra motherboard and I cannot use both ram modules together. I have tried "underclocking" both modules however Windows Vista will not boot up (blue screen of death). However if I use one or the other it works perfectly.

To be more specific:

OCZ 2GB PC2-6400 EL Platinum XTC Edition Rev. 2 Dual Channel DDR2 Kit (2 x 1GB)


Corsair 2GB XMS2-6400 Dominator TWIN2X Dual Channel DDR2 Kit (2 x 1GB).
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  1. This is not uncommon as mixing memory can be unstable. Since you are trying to use 4 modules you will need to increase the voltage to your memory controller, aka NB.
  2. To see if the problem is incompatibility between the two module types, try installing 1 module of the OCZ and 1 of the Corsair and see what happens. If that works fine, your issue is likely the 2nd mentioned by Yb.
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